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Sepax Resins
The cutting-edge series of chromatography resins known as Sepax Resins has completely changed the separation sciences. These resins are an essential tool for scientists and researchers in a variety of fields since they are painstakingly designed to offer unmatched performance in the separation and purification of biomolecules.
Flash Columns Cartridges
Flash Columns Cartridges are crucial instruments in chromatography, intended to streamline and accelerate the chemical component purification process. High-quality stationary phases are placed into these cylindrical cartridges to make it easier to separate distinct components within a mixture according to their chemical qualities.
Ion Exchange Resin
Ion exchange resins are amazing substances that are made to make it easier for ions to exchange in aqueous solutions. They are essential to many industrial operations and applications involving water treatment. They are essential in sectors including medicine, energy production, and beverage manufacturing since they are used to demineralize and cleanse water.
Natural Curcumin Powder
Our natural curcumin powders are pure and unadulterated supplements for your health since they don't include any additives, preservatives, or fillers. Our Curcumin Powders are a flexible option for those looking for natural alternatives or health enthusiasts.
Sepax Columns
Innovative chromatography columns known as Sepax Columns are essential to the separation and purification of biomolecules for a range of uses in biopharmaceutical and biological sciences research. Modern technology was used in the design of these columns to produce separations with excellent resolution.